Reset, and an Appology

To any long time readers,

As you may have noticed it has been some time since I last wrote here.  Exactly how long, I am uncertain as a few things have happened over the past few months leading me to ignore the site for a while and when I came to update it, start writing again… well I found a plethora of problems.

First, somehow dns entries, or the setting at the host,  had gotten messed up and thus no longer  no longer directing traffic to the correct site.  The old domain name was still set up, so if you knew and used that name no issues of redirect, but the new name… well yeah I apologize for where it was sending you. At first I thought I may have forgotten to renew the domain name, but no it was an issue in the backend dns and site IP address stuff.

Second, I must have missed the low account warning and waited over a month from when my account went dry. As a result while with the old name it came up with the correct host and site not found/under maintenance page … but unlike in the past when this happened I lost all data stored on the host, as it had just been  too long. I do have backups of the site template, etc. So I could rest the site to appear just like it did, but I had been planning to redesign it, and so am planning at this time to utilize this forced rest to do just that, but it may be a bit of time as I have a lot on my plate right now, so we may just go with this bland site for a bit.  As for prior content… I am sure I have a backup of the database somewhere, though not sure how recent that is (I know always back up regularly… one day I will learn). I may import it, but I may just start fresh, or import just select portions….

I also want to apologize for any autocorrect issues in this post, I think I caught most, but maybe not all….

Over the next few days I will try and get the feeds set back up,  and other things as well.  I am also hoping to start writing more frequently, as I have a lot on my mind, and in the past this has helped me process some of that.


Lyle II