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Home in Community – Sunday+ Morning Reflections

I sit here in the early morning reflecting and thinking. It is what I do. I have been here in Missouri for the past day and a half or so to attend Community of Christ’s 2016 World Conference. It is here that I often feel at home, no not Missouri, but the intentionally gathered global community of disciples of the Living resurrected Christ. It is here, as I meet my sisters and brothers from around the globe, hear their many voices, their many tongues, see their various expressions of being… that I find myself at home. It is within this setting I find peace, I find hope, I find the living expression of Christ most fulfilled. Even with the backdrop of the financial struggles of the institution, the various struggles of the world, and of my own life, I find that hope and peace as I see, feel, hear the Spirit move amongst this global family and its diversity. Continue reading Home in Community – Sunday+ Morning Reflections

Things I would like to do… And other thoughts on my mind

I’m sitting here in an academic library of a local university, looking out a windows as I type, watching water flow by in the creek and ducks doing what ducks do. Around me students and others are hard at work, or at least appear to be, with the various tasks that they are engaged in.  And my mind wonders and reflects upon many things. Continue reading Things I would like to do… And other thoughts on my mind

Contemplating a change…

When I returned to theological studies in the autumn of 2006 after  being forced to take a year off for healing I found myself at a new (to me) seminary:  Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO or Methesco).  One of my classes I took that autumn was  Ministry of Evangelism: Theology & Practice (ME171 now ME670) taught by Prof. Joon-Sik Park.  This class met in the morning in a classroom in the basement of the library, and each day of class I sat near the front on the right hand  (professor’s left) side . Continue reading Contemplating a change…