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A youngish man traveling on the path of discipleship and exploring life. An ordained minister, theologically educated and thus knows he knows nothing, a photographer, poet, mystic, hiker, listener, preacher... and more

Gather round the table – Saturday Morning reflection

Come, sit at the table!  Drink of this water and never thirst, Come, sit at this table!  Bread blessed and broken, Come sit at this table! Wine blessed and poured, Come sit at the table! Be fed, Come sit at this table! Sisters, brothers, old and young, poor and rich, Come sit at this table! Share in community, share in diversity, share in oneness, Come share at the table! Continue reading Gather round the table – Saturday Morning reflection

Tuesday Morning reflection

Conference continues to flow by. More encounters with others, more sense of community, and also sense of loneness. I often find myself struggling within the crowd, perhaps in part because I am an introvert and it zaps my energy so quickly. I want to be there, I want to be present, to converse, to share, but at times it is just overwhelming and I must try and seek that still quite place where calm is found. To find that place where I can sit and listen to the birds, watch the trees in the wind…. Perhaps like last night where I went to the young adult event, but found myself frequently outside on the bench watching the clouds, the birds and when inside finding the edge of the room trying to not be overwhelm by the crowd and the noise… Community is a blessing, I long for, but sometimes the form is overwhelming and draining

Blessed by the blessing of language… Monday Morning reflection

Once again I sit here in the early morning to sit and write. I find my mind drifting to the wonders of language and thus will start today’s reflections there. In the first few days here at conference I have encountered the spoken word, and written word in many languages and have been greatly blessed. From the moments of joy as I walk pass people speaking languages I know not, to finding myself semi-understanding a schedule & list of locations for discussions that I was glancing at Saturday morning that was written in Spanish. (Knowledge of the schedule paired with extremely old and rusty 2 years of high school Spanish helped me out a bit), to prayers in many tongues, to… well many other encounters. I am very grateful for those who have the gift of languages and share in the conference experience through translation. They provide a wonderful gift through translating the spoken and written word into many of the languages spoken within the global body of Christ assembled here this week. Continue reading Blessed by the blessing of language… Monday Morning reflection

Home in Community – Sunday+ Morning Reflections

I sit here in the early morning reflecting and thinking. It is what I do. I have been here in Missouri for the past day and a half or so to attend Community of Christ’s 2016 World Conference. It is here that I often feel at home, no not Missouri, but the intentionally gathered global community of disciples of the Living resurrected Christ. It is here, as I meet my sisters and brothers from around the globe, hear their many voices, their many tongues, see their various expressions of being… that I find myself at home. It is within this setting I find peace, I find hope, I find the living expression of Christ most fulfilled. Even with the backdrop of the financial struggles of the institution, the various struggles of the world, and of my own life, I find that hope and peace as I see, feel, hear the Spirit move amongst this global family and its diversity. Continue reading Home in Community – Sunday+ Morning Reflections