Gather round the table – Saturday Morning reflection

Come, sit at the table!  Drink of this water and never thirst, Come, sit at this table!  Bread blessed and broken, Come sit at this table! Wine blessed and poured, Come sit at the table! Be fed, Come sit at this table! Sisters, brothers, old and young, poor and rich, Come sit at this table! Share in community, share in diversity, share in oneness, Come share at the table!I have always found a blessing at the table, sometimes a table physically being present and other times not.  The table is  a place of healing, a place of community, a place of growth, a place of exploration.  This week I have been blessed many times as I have gathered round the table with others.  Sunday’s blessing around the Eucharistic table as sisters and brothers from around the globe worshiped and partook of simple feast of bread and wine. We came to the table broken,  were blessed in community and in partaking of meal, and empowered to be poured back out into the world to invite all to the table, to invite all to community, peace, and healing…

Most mornings this week and a few other times I have had the great opportunity to sit round the table with my sisters and brothers coming from India, England, and the United States. Such a blessing to share in community, to share in meal, to hear, to see, to learn…

Blessed so often to gather round the table with friend old and new. Even if at times it led to little sleep, the joy of friendship, of learning, of sharing, of being welcomed… it has been a blessing

My thoughts for this post are more than what I have been able to express in the jumble above… But I just can’t to where I want to, and yet a glimpse of it is there. Let us go to the table, let us partake of the life giving water and thirst no more, but let us also invite. Let us not just invite those like us, but all. Let us not just invite, but welcome. Let us not just welcome, but except welcome. Let us listen, and let us share. Let us form sacred community, let us find healing, let us come broken, be blesses, and be poured out.

Come, sit at the Table. You are welcome at the table, you are wanted at the table, you are needed at the table.



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