It has been a long time

I sit here this morning in an academic library looking out the window at the ducks and flowing water and drinking a cup of tea. As I do I realize that it has been sometime since I last wrote a post, and even longer since I last published a post. It isn’t because I haven’t had thoughts upon my mind, it isn’t because I haven’t been writing… It is just because.  I know that is the answer that means nothing. The posts that I have written over the course of the last year, have just never come to completion. Rather than trying to clean them up and finish them, I leave them to my personal archive of randomness never to find themselves published.

So what has happened over the last year for me?

Last summer I started running again. That was a big step for me, as ever since Aug of 2005 running scares me a  bit, though after running consistently over the course of the past several months it does not do so as much. I have ran most Tuesdays since I started up my program, and for the past few months Thursdays as well, occasionally missing some. In January I ran in a 10k, and did fairly well for me. I came in about the middle of all those who ran, and 5th of 6 in my age/gender division (and I was the eldest of the 6). My pace was fairly constant,  and fell in my average range from my weekly runs, and I ran over half of it with one shoe untied.. afraid I would not be able to get back into rhythm if I stopped to tie it. It was the longest race I have ever participated in, and I think my first race since the summer of 2000.

In September I had the opportunity to take my first true vacation in many years. I went to Missouri and Iowa, scheduling my vacation around the wedding of a friend. It was wonderful to see friends who I had not seen in many years, to have fun, to relax, and to enjoy life. To walk upon the grounds my alma mater for the first time since graduation, to participate in the Daily Prayer for Peace at Community of Christ International Headquarters, to visit museums, libraries, to camp and more was refreshing to my soul.  At my friend’s wedding I had the opportunity to speak  with his dad, a friend and mentor. While that conversation was short, it was a powerful and meaningful conversation, that led me to write a post for here, one of those that never was finished…. perhaps that one will be cleaned up and parts formed into a future post… I also had the opportunity to sit and play a board game, and realized how much I need to have people to hang out with and do things like that with…

The company I work for to pay the bills decided to sell me, okay they sold the portion of the company I worked for, and so now my coworkers and I are going through that transition, that involves plusses and minuses.

I find myself once again exploring the possibility of additional CPE and hopefully in the next week or so will be applying to some programs… we will see.

In the year that is to come some of my hopes and dreams include: finding people to do things with, keep up my running and do other positive things for my health, keep my chronic conditions in or near remission as much as possible, take another trip to Missouri (World Conference 2016, airfare bought, car reserved… housing to be determined), go hiking and camping, read a lot,  find different work that is meaningful and more reflective of who I am/called to be, go the theatre (I have a season pass to the local University so that should happen), write, write some more, develop/redevelop some spiritual practices on top of those I practice, find new ways to embrace and live out my ministerial calling and my discipleship… These are not goals, not resolutions, just things I hope to find myself moving toward and doing. Some, most are at least in part within my control, some a little less so, most are not measurable, though some are.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, of what I should do in the next year, what I should write about here… please let me know.

In Christ’s Peace,

Lyle II

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