Things I would like to do… And other thoughts on my mind

I’m sitting here in an academic library of a local university, looking out a windows as I type, watching water flow by in the creek and ducks doing what ducks do. Around me students and others are hard at work, or at least appear to be, with the various tasks that they are engaged in.  And my mind wonders and reflects upon many things.

Before arriving to this local to pause, reflect, and start preparations for a sermon in a few weeks, I drove around a bit. First enjoying the cloud covered sky, and watching the band of blue sky spear in the horizon, and distant volcanic peaks as I drove out of the clouds and toward brilliant clear blue sky. As I drove my mind drifted to many things. As I stopped and shared wonderful conversation with a young barista who always makes a great cup of vanilla chai tea, my mind kept reflecting upon life’s journey, joys and struggles. So now, when I should be reading scripture, reflecting and writing I find myself writing this post. Knowing few if any will ever take the time to read these words, but knowing the exercise of writing them down is the important part.

So first let me start with thoughts that were running through my head as I drove on 50° weather with the moon roof open and the warm winter sun beating down upon my head… What are some of the things I would like to do in life, a non exclusive list presented in no particular order, beyond what came to my finger tips first when typing them here:

In the past few days I’ve thought about various pieces I have started, restarted… over the course of my life that I would love to restart/complete at some point. So I would love to write/expand/complete… (Names are far from decided, BT give a hint of aim and focus)

  • Worshiping in Community: Liturgical Theology of/for a People of Temple & Sacrament (Community of Christ)
    • Liturgical theology is a passion of mine, Community of Christ is my faith community. I feel a great need for us to have in depth works to help us reflect and deepen our understanding of community of Christ Theology and worship practice. While there have been some small pieces relating to liturgical theology written (such as small pieces in the Priesthood Manual, Community of Christ Sings) and subject specific pieces The Sacraments, the last book length work on worship as a whole was published at a time where no female was serving in ordained office, we were known by a different name, the Independence Temple was not built…  Worshiping Community by Peter Judd 1984.  This is something I would love to engage in, and Ave at times written bits of. It would require interviews, and most likely travel to various areas of the globe where Community of Christ lives out the mission and life of Christ and gathers together for worship, so that the work could look not just at the deep theological, but also the lived experience of the diversity of expression of it.  Community of Christ has many wonderful and thoughtful people who have the skills and ability to produce a lot of good theological works that would help us deepen our understanding of who we are, perhaps due to lack of resources and time, we have shied from producing it, but I think if we are truly to grasp who we are and who we are called to be we must develop and write theological works, and make them available, on a wide range of topics. We need to not just have access to the writings of those from other traditions, but also those from our own and not just from the past, but those reflecting the present world in which we live, and awareness of the multiple cultures  and places in which Community of Christ lives and serves.
  • Theology of Lyle: An ever evolving theology
  • Liturgy for Justice: Exploration, Prayers, Orders of Worship…
  • Empowering Disciples for Service through Worship
  • Living & Exploring Discipleship
  • Struggles and Joys- an exploration of life, discipleship, and more
  • Unique Witness strengthened through shared witness: Exploration of the power of Ecumenical and Interfaith engagement.
  • Photos of life, mission, nature, and discipleship…

I would also love to be involved in some way with a church plant… Part of my calling is to invite all to Christ, and over and over again in the past few years I have found myself feeling called to engage in some form of “start up” I just don’t know how or where or….

Find someone to share my life with… Perhaps I have missed finding her, and it it too late, but I dream of a day when I have someone to share the joys and struggles of life with…

Hike the Pacific Crest Trail (doubt I could ever do it in one trip, but it would be amazing)

Go back to school and get my D. Min.

Live more fully/faithfully the life of a disciple of Christ.

Have a job that I love, helps others, and doesn’t at times goes against who I am.

And many other things as well…

Other thoughts in my mind…

Listing to a news story on the radio the other night as I drove home about the revitalization of a community, onphrase that popes out was something allongthe lines of “our church left” which drew me into a cycle of thought of Ecumenical worship space. We all probably know of churches who allow other churches to use their space, or use the space of another. But, I wonder if there are any, or what it would be like if several traditions came together anintentially created a worship space that was shared between all of them. Space that was set aside sacred space and reflected the various traditions. Each congregation having their one worship, classes, events using the space, but also having times when they gather together and share. That each tradition puts forward their giftedness and engage together in mission. Some actives might be just one traction, others several or all them.  In the end those ministries they all want to participate in the share together bringing their various gifts, those ministries some are called toward only those engage in, each tradition having its own congregation, its own worship, its own shared claim to the space, and at times all those who use the space coming together and worshiping together.. Perhaps a Holy Week series where each Congregation plans and leads the worship experience one night, but all attend… This type of arrangement would perhaps web easiest with traditions with similar theological trains of thought and worship practices, especially if they are in full communion with one another… but it would be more interesting if it was a mix of diversity…. we could gain so much, utilize resources so much better than each having individual spaces that went unused the majority of the time, and yet also be able to be the unique witness each of us are and that the world needs…. there would also be a lot of struggles.. especially as the congregations may have different financial resources, congregational sizes, and thus may make it hard to maintain the sense of “this is our (collective) space” over “This is my space, and we let them use it” and  keep the sense of “We are ___ and we have _____ to offer, and we have _____ to receive from other who join u in this space, and in the circle of all who gather in the name of the one who came, taught, ministered,  lived, died, and rose again and is still with us, and together we can ________ and by spending time with _____ we come to understand ourselves and our mission more fully….”

Ah my mind runs full of random thoughts, and I am surprise if you have not given up on this piece of rambles by now, but if you are reading still, I wish to thank you, and hope you will share your thoughts, your ideas, your dreams….


Lyle II


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